The new smart operation panel is a stylish alternative to Ricoh’s current user interface. The new UI offers fast and simple navigation with the ability to customise the layout to best suit your needs.
• drag & drop icons
• page scrolling with flick operation
• toner level indication
• smooth and comfortable operability
• full browser: browse the internet from the MFP
• choose your own background
With the Smart Operation Panel, the MFP can be operated with touch gestures, just like a smart device. A flick of the finger, for example, can be used to move from one screen to another. The familiar drag-and-drop gesture can be used to rearrange icons on the home screen. This dramatically increases the user friendliness of the MFP.
Widgets can be added to the home screen. By adding widgets to display information showing the date, the time and quality of supplies remaining, all this information can be made available at a glance. Adding the language-switching widget enables users to switch between different languages at a single touch.
Folders can be created on the home screen. This allows icons to be organized logically and located quickly. For repetitive tasks requiring multiple settings, storing all the required program icons in the same folder can save a lot of time. The Smart Operation Panel offers a smarter way to use your MFP.
Provided as standard, the Web Browser offers direct access to Websites. It also supports touch gestures like flicking and pinching. If you need to print content from a Website, the browser lets you do it right away, directly from the MFP. This makes it easier to convert electronic content into hard copy.
A choice of ready-made wallpaper images is available, or you can use one of your own images. The wallpaper can be changed at will. You can switch instantly between ready-made wallpaper options. Alternatively, you can customize the wallpaper by loading your own image from an SD Card.
The Quick Copy function improves operability and minimizes errors. With the Quick Copy function, all you need to do is select the color from the top screen, then select the paper tray and the number of copies. Other settings, such as two-sided copying, can be selected easily using flick or touch gestures. Output preview images make it easy to check that the settings are correct.
The Quick Scanner function allows the scanned document to be forwarded by email. The addresses can be selected by flicking the relevant entries in the address book. Before the document is scanned, the preview function shows what the scan will look like. The preview can be viewed, for example, by pinching in to zoom on details and flicking to scroll through pages. This helps to prevent errors in scanning.
The Quick Fax function allows addressee numbers to be input manually using the on-screen soft keys. Quick Fax also offers the option of looking up entries in the MFP’s own address book and selecting the desired addresses by flicking the appropriate entries. The addresses selected can be viewed before the fax is sent, helping prevent errors in addressing faxes.