Nobo Portable Floorstanding Projection Screen

This almost magical carry case turns into a full-sized projection screen in less than 5 seconds. The lightweight aluminium design is ideal for the travelling presenter or for use in meeting rooms where a screen cannot be attached to the wall. To set-up: swivel the feet of the integrated case to the front, release the catches and open case and then simply pull the screen up to the desired height. The pressurised air system behind screen gives it maximum stability and requires no fastening. To put away: simply push back down the screen into the integral robust carry case.

Avilable sizes:
1220x910mm Datasheet

1620x1220mm Datasheet



  • Highly flexible screen for use anywhere
  • Brilliant matt white projection screen surface for high quality colour projection
  • Black border provides a sharp, detailed image
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Weight – 10.45 ()